BSNL BroadBand Plans

BSNL provides broadband services through landline,mobile,Wi-max,Dail-up,FTTH and CDMA The broadband can be used for home and business purpose based on their category.  
Landline Broadband
BSNL is providing the broadband services through your Landline phone connection.Below are the varies plans available in this scheme.

Post Paid Broad
Flexi Combo Plans Flexi General Combo Plan 500,750,1000,1250,1500
Limited Usage Plans (Both for Home & Business Users)
BB Standalone Plans BBG250,BBG 700
BB Combo Plans BBG COMBO 299,BBG FN Combo 500,599,600,BBG Combo 1111,BBG Speed Combo 2799
BB High Speed Plans BBG Super Speed Combo 4999,6999
BB High Upload Speed Plans BBG Speed Combo 3199 VDSL,3699 VDSL
Unlimited Usage Plans
BB Plans for Home Users only BB Home ULD 499,625,750,BB Home Combo ULD 750,900
Standalone BB Plans for both Home & Business Users BBG ULD 2150,3300,6000,BBG UL 9000,15000
Combo BB Plans for both Home & Business Users BBG Combo ULD 850,1000,1350,1700,2150,3300,6000,9000,15000
Special Plans
Limited /Unlimited BB Plans for Customer Service Centres (CSC's) BB CSC 400,1000,BB CSC ULD 999,BB CSC UL 1500
Special Broadband Plans for PCOs Only BB PCO 400,1000
Old BB Plans for which no Fresh Registration W.E.F. 01.02.2011 BBG 125,BBG FN 500,BBG Combo 650,749,850,1500,3500,BB Home Combo ULD 1400,BBG Speed Combo 4500
Rural USOF BB Plans (Limited /Unlimited) for Rural Home & All Rural BBG Rural USOF 99,150,BBG Rural Combo 250,BB Home Rural Combo ULD 500,BBG Rural Combo 550,999
Old BB Plans for which no Fresh Registration W.E.F. 01.04.2010 COMBO 199,Home FLEXI 350,BB 1000,Business 1000 C COMBO,Business 1200,Home UL 1350,Business 1800,Business 2000,Business 3000,Home 3300,Business 4000,Business 5000,Business 9000,Business 15000
Temporary Connection Double of the normal fixed monthly charges
Special BB Plan for Educational Institutes in Rural area Plan - 1500

BSNL pre-paid broadband services details are available in the following BSNL link :

There are two types pre-paid plans available
Limited Download: There are 9 types of vouchers of different denominations which offers limited download at speed upto 2 Mbps within the validity period of the voucher.
In addition, there are two other types of Recharge Vouchers for limited plans. One, for extending the validity period (Validity Voucher) and the second, for increasing the usage (Top up Voucher) within the validity period.
Prerequisite: The customer interested to subscribe for Prepaid broadband service should have BSNL landline connection.

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