BSNL Broadband change to Wireless

BSNL Broadband change to Wireless

If your desktop doesn't have WiFi adapter, alternatively you can use add a WiFi adapter to your desktop and make your desktop mobile.A USB WiFi adapter costs around Rs. 900. To use it you need either a WiFi modem or buy a WiFi router which works fine with your current non WiFi modem. You can get a WiFi modem from BSNL for Rs. 80 per month rent or Rs. 1,800 (might be changed ) outright purchase.

BSNL broadband setting up password for wireless connection:

login to and enter username/password . Normally it is admin/admin
Click on wireless -> Basic Wireless
Enable wireless [Check that box]
in SSID, give some name (you can change that utstarcom)
then click on save/apply
Now click on Security tab
For a beginner, you can click network authentication as open, WEP encryption key enabled, and choose 128 bit, choose 1 then type any 13 Hexa digits (0-9, A-F) in 1st row !
eg :ABCDEFFEDCBA4 (total 13) Letter CASE matters !
then save n apply
now open network connection, check for wireless network, see the name you have mentioned, double click it, give the 13 digit key when asked for encryption key !
You should be able to browse with security enabled ! Dont ever keep your wireless open to public !