Haryana BSNL bill payment online

Haryana BSNL bill payment and status check online

BSNL bill payment -Landline, Broadband and mobile has been made online and its very easy to pay bill through BSNL sites. The customers needs to register and create their own username and password for the payment. After that they can add the phone numbers to their account for respective payments.
Below BSNL screen is the official site for Haryana BSNL.

Create an Account/Register By Providing Necessary Details in the below screen
Give Email Address and Correct Mobile Number in Case You Need SMS Alert.
Once You Create the Account, You will Have a User Name and Password(Note the Same for Future Use) Steps To Add Phone Numbers/Accounts
Use the following link for creating phone numbers/Accounts : http://portal.bsnl.in/portal/aspxfiles/default.aspx

BSNL Registration Page

BSNL Login Page

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